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October 17 (6B 5C 4E 5E)

October 17, 2011


express test oral

exercice réponses brèves


Lesson 1 : Around the world

vocabulary : the planet Earth / the world ; around the world. Do you want to travel around the world ?

book page 16 : name the countries where they speak English : the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada (with French as a second official language), Australia… = English-speaking countries.

 rechercher les pays où l’anglais est la langue officielle, et ceux où l’anglais est la 2e langue officielle.


remise express test vocabulary

pictures 1 to 10 : What’s their problem ?

introduction du present perfect : he has broken his leg ; I have twisted my wrist : the car has broken down, etc.

vocabulaire et phrases à apprendre


Welcome to the States, compréhension orale

Tyler is meeting Luke : “Nice to meet you”. Emily is meeting Poppy and Jessica. Ben is meeting Rafi and Greg. Harry is Emily’s Dad/father and Sue is Ben’s Mum/mother.


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