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October 13 (4D 3A 4E)

October 13, 2011


correction des exercices > rappels :

Can I … ? Could you …? I can’t…

HW savoir les phrases et leur signification


révision pour le test : vocabulaire, amélioration des phrases (mots de liaison etc.), forme ING après les verbes de goût, différence lots of / loads of

I am quite shy but I am not very patient. The teachers think I am not hard-working and too talkative. I can’t live without my computer. I like hanging out with friends and listening to music. I have loads of friends and lots of secrets.


express test vocabulary.

2) look and react (expression orale et trace écrite)
When do you need a late slip ? When you are lateWhen do you need an absence note ? When you were absentWhen do you need to go to the toilet ? When you feel sick. You need to go to the nurse when you have a headache. Mr Guio is the head teacher in my school.


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